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Staying at the ONLY HOTEL in Montclair NJ: The MC Hotel

Situated in the heart of Montclair, New Jersey, you will find the only hotel in all of Montclair, The MC Hotel . This hotel brings a translocal experience to its guests, which is what I think sets it apart from other hotels, and here's why:  FOOD Let's talk food first! The MC is lucky enough to have Chef Amber Lancaster as their executive chef of their restaurant, The Allegory and their rooftop, The Alto .  Chef Amber Lancaster is currently in Season 19 of Hell's Kitchen, that airs on Fox , and they have incorporated that into The Allegory. On Thursday nights when Hell's Kitchen airs, The Allegory has a secret menu that goes along with the theme of the episode that is airing that night. So on the Thursday night I was there to dine, I did not know until I sat down that it was Burger Night on the show, so I was able to enjoy Chef Amber's Special Burger while Hell's Kitchen played on televisions throughout the restaurant. Along with the secret menu being available
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Indoor Dining is back in NYC & This is the 1st Place You Should Go

After months of indoor dining not being available in New York City, it is finally back in action and I found the perfect gem you must go to dine indoors to get the full experience, and that is Angelina Paris .   Angelina Paris has opened its first US location, right here in New York City by Bryant Park. Due to the pandemic, their opening kept getting delayed, but they finally opened in November and boy was it worth the wait.  When you visit Angelina Paris, you really want to go for the experience and pleasure of dining in their Parisian Tea Room. It is so elegant with its high ceilings, chandeliers and paintings of different parts of Southern France on the walls. You will forget you are dining in the middle of New York City. If you're on the run and don't have time to dine indoors, you can always stop in to grab a treat to take with you, as they have plenty of items to take away as well.  First things first, come with an empty stomach because there is so much to enjoy. They are

How to Prepare for your next Virtual Meeting!

Zoom & video calls have now become a part of our everyday life, but so much more is involved than just turning on your computer screen, which is why I'm here to help!  First, let's discuss how to be a Successful Virtual Participant! 1.  Choose the Best Device     Although smart phones can be used to conduct virtual meetings, a laptop or desktop computer is ideal. When using a smart phone, there is a higher chance of interruptions and more difficult to keep it steady on a desk or table.  2. Plan Ahead     Technology is great, but only when it works properly. Make time before your virtual meeting to make sure you have the program downloaded and it is working properly. This isn't something you want to wait to do last minute right before your meeting. Even though the meeting is virtual, you still need to show the same professionalism and promptness as if it was an in-person meeting.  3. Have Proper Lighting & Background     This step goes along with planning ahead. When

Best Places to Eat in the Palm Beaches

The food scene in the Palm Beaches has really reached new heights, so here a few of the places I really enjoyed eating in and hope that you will enjoy them too, the next time you're in the area! West Palm Beach/ Palm Beach/ Palm Beach Gardens Johan's Joe Johan's Joe is a wonderful shop for coffee, breakfast or lunch. This local coffee shop is bringing a part of Scandinavia to South Florida, with its Swedish delicacies mixed with all the bakery favorites you know and love. From the coffee, to the decor, to all of their tasty treats, everything is absolutely delicious and instagrammable too!  What I had & loved: Peppermint Mocha (Holiday Flavor), Swedish House Blend (Regular Coffee), Swedish Pancakes, The Lapland, dammsugare, and their chocolate croissant.  Parking: Free in lot behind coffee shop  Dining Options: Outdoor & Indoor Available, Take Out & Delivery   Almond Palm Beach Almond Palm Beach is a New York staple,  that has finally made its way to Southern

Spending a Weekend in Orlando, Florida

The last time I was in Orlando, Florida,  I was 18 years old. So it is safe to say it has been a long time since I was there and I'm sure a lot has changed. But since I am now 30 years old (gasp! Thank you for thinking I still look under 21!) I wanted my visit to Orlando to be different. I was not interested in going to Disney or any of the other major theme parks. I wanted a weekend to relax by the pool and still be able to do some Orlando-type activities. So while searching for hotels to stay at, I was so glad I came across the Hilton Orlando and as you continue reading this article you'll find out why! Staying at the Hilton Orlando The Hilton Orlando is a leisure resort, which is surprising to most because it is also attached to the Orlando Convention Center. Usually, when a hotel is associated with a convention center, you expect it to mostly appeal to the business traveler, but not the Hilton Orlando. This Hilton breaks that mold by appealing to more than just the busine

Visiting Delray Beach, Florida!

Delray Beach, Florida is a very special place that does not get as much recognition as it deserves. I have been to Florida countless times, but never to Delray Beach, so this was my first time visiting but definitely not my last! Delray Beach is about 30 minutes from the West Palm Beach airport, which is where I flew in and out from. Delray Beach is a part of the Palm Beaches, so it is very close to the West Palm Beach/Palm Beach area, Boynton Beach and Boca Raton.  The heart of Delray Beach is on Atlantic Avenue, which is their "Main Street." This is where you'll find great bars, restaurants, art galleries and other activities. We'll discuss more of this later on in the article.  So let's get right to it! Where to Stay I stayed at the Delray Sands Resort , which is actually in Highland Beach. Highland Beach is a very exclusive beach town, only 10 minutes away from Atlantic Avenue, and this Resort is the only commercial business in Highland Beach, which really mak

September Self Care Awareness Month

September is Self Care Awareness Month and I have been making a conscious effort to take care of myself this month! I think it is so important, especially now, after spending so much time in quarantine, to take care of yourself and your mental health. So, I wanted to share with you a few of the ways I have been taking care of myself. If you follow me on instagram , you know how much I truly enjoy exercising and taking time out of my day for working out. I use Tone It Up's App for work out videos and toning moves. I have been using these girls' work outs for years. I love how they keep the moves and routines different, so you never get bored. My friend Alyssa Cerrachio , is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, and she does IG Live Work Outs, which I also really enjoying doing and sometimes even partake in. I met her when I took her classes at Athleta's Studio in NYC and I just fell in love with her energy and how she challenges you and strengthens you during her