Thursday, November 8, 2012

Art Gallery Openings

Before the devastation of Sandy hit the New York City area, I spent my Thursday night roaming around Chelsea going from art gallery opening to art gallery opening. Thursday nights in Manhattan are dedicated to art gallery openings, although it is possible to find a few others on a Friday or Saturday.

The first stop I made was at Stux for the opening reception for Sokari Douglas Camp, Dressed to the Nines. These sculptures were all made out of tin and were very interesting. Each sculpture was made with different materials for "accessories," if you will. This is a photo of my favorite one...

Afterwards, I stumbled next door to the Hanson Stern and Noho Galleries. The Hanson Stern gallery goers seemed to be more interested in the wine that was being served than the actual art that was being displayed. However, I did snap one photo which I thought was the most interesting piece there. It was fun trying to figure out who's facial feature was who's.

I liked the expo that was on display at the Noho Gallery more and that was partly because it was less crowded and you could actually see and appreciate the art. All of the pieces were created by Joy Saville and they were all colorful and made of fabric. This photo includes my friend, Daisy Holden, who is an artist as well. It was even more fun to go to these galleries with her because hearing her perspective of the art was so interesting to me. You can see Daisy's art by going to her website.

Have you been to any exciting galleries lately? The next gallery I want to go to is to see the Regarding Warhol Expo at The Met! I'll let you know how it is...I have until December 31st to get there!



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