Wednesday, December 26, 2012

FunSized Homemade Pizza

Making homemade Pizza can be so FFC as well as much healthier and cheaper than ordering it! It's fun to get creative with the toppings. With some whole-wheat dough, I made a pizza topped with spinach, sun dried tomatoes, some red onion, mozzarella shredded pizza cheese and finally sprinkled with some oregano! It was absolutely delicious!

Here's the before and after picture:

What type of homemade pizzas have you made? 



FunSized Business Cards

OMG I am obsessed with this website,! They actually make FunSized (mini) Business Cards! makes regular sized business cards too but their mini ones are just so perfect for me! I am so happy I found them and I want to share them with you!

They were so easy to make and they have so many options on how you would like to create your cards.

Take a look at what I made:

I got 100 of them, a good amount to start off with. I can't wait to start using them in 2013!

I have a special treat for YOU, my FunSized Fans... You can get 15% off your first purchase from by using this code at checkout: 2RB2CK!

Happy Shopping!



American Apparel Gloves

I recently purchased these fabulous fingerless gloves from American Apparel. This is my first pair of fingerless gloves and I love them. They're perfect for those moments when you need to check your phone when you're outside in the cold! They came in a bunch of different colors but I chose the black speckled with some color! Mine were only $12 which is pretty reasonable in my opinion! However, they have some on sale now for $5, so hurry up and get them before these winter storms hit!

P.S. It's also a perfect way to show off your manicure! ;) 

Stay warm my friends!



Friday, December 21, 2012

World Yacht Video

This summer I worked on a promo video for World Yacht at Pier 81 in New York City. It was a gorgeous summer day and the yacht ride was a perfect way to end it. The yacht rode along lower Manhattan; giving a gorgeous view of New York as well as New Jersey.

Here's the video:

As well as some production stills from the scenes I was in:

Thanks for watching!



Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Guest List Party @ The Jane Hotel

Last night was so FFC! Thanks to Guest of a Guest, I attended their 2012 NYC Innovators Guest List Party at The Jane Hotel. This was my first time going to The Jane Hotel which is located in the Meatpacking District, and I loved it. I have heard about the Jane before, but it definitely went above and beyond my expectations. The event took place within the ballroom which gave such a luxurious antique feel. There was a giant fireplace in the middle of the back wall, which had a rather large stuffed animal on it's mantel. All of the couches and chairs did not match in their color scheme but they were all made of vibrant colors and soft velvet fabrics. It gave off the perfect vibe for this party. The guests were sipping on Svedka and Heineken all night long as they grooved to the music.

To see photos from the event that were taken by the lovely, Wendy Ploger, look at this link here: See if you can spot me and my fabulous plus 1!

I look forward to going to The Jane Hotel sometime again in the future!



Monday, December 3, 2012

666 Park Avenue

Here's a screenshot of me in last night (December 2, 2012)'s episode of 666 Park Avenue on ABC! It was during the last three minutes of the episode. The camera really zoomed in on me as it was entering the bar. Take a look at the scene here:

This was so fun, flirty, and carefree! I had a such a fun time on set and the crew was so nice on 666! It's a shame it's coming to an end!