Wednesday, October 16, 2013

In The Kitchen With FunSized Returns!

Giada De Laurentiis has her recipe for grilled chicken with apple-mango chutney in November's Glamour magazine, so I decided to try it out while changing it up a bit!

Here's the recipe from the Food Network's website, Glamour didn't have their version online.

First of all, I must say the dish was absolutely delicious! It wasn't too heavy or over-bearing with all the different flavors, it was absolutely perfect... just look!

Now, what I did different was...

- Instead of frozen apple juice concentrate, I used frozen cranberry juice concentrate.
- Instead of apricot preserves, I used orange marmalade.
- Instead of dry mustard, I used dijon mustard (which she specifies in the Glamour Mag recipe).
- No use of jalapeƱo chile pepper or hot sauce. (I don't like my meals too spicy!)

With these minor changes, it was still absolutely scrumptious.

Have you made any of Giada's other dishes recently? Which ones?


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