Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Results Are In...

Well this Three Day Detox turned into a Two- Day detox. My hunger took control and I just couldn't do it any longer!

The detox ended this morning after I struggled through the night, being awoken constantly by my hunger. So this morning after my breakfast drink, my stomach was still growling and I decided that I needed to eat real food before I would pass out!

The two day detox was really difficult. In the end, I feel like I spent a ton of money on food that got wasted because I didn't truly get to enjoy the fruits and vegetables that were put into the drinks. I was starving the two days. I thought the drinks would fill me up and they didn't and I did make them properly. Some people say that after doing these kinds of detoxes, you don't crave sweets or 'bad' food, but that's all I wanted to eat! I felt deprived from food. I eat healthy regularly but I just wanted to eat everything in sight!

Here are what my drinks looked like for the two days:


Breakfast was the best drink because it was fruity and sweet because of the raspberries! But after breakfast it was all down hill from there...


Lunch tasted like pure grass. There was so much green in it! My friend really struggled with getting it all down the first day. The second day I added some clementines hoping to add some sweetness, but all the green veggies and fruit were too powerful.


Dinner was absolutely miserable. I cannot handle really spicy food to begin with, and to have to drink a spicy drink.. oh it was just horrible! Each sip was followed by a gulp of water! Apparently cayenne pepper is the secret to losing weight, especially with lemon in water (via Beyonce) but I just cannot do it. 

Well, this was the first and last time I will ever do a detox! I didn't lose any weight in the two days, my skin didn't look any better, and I craved carbs and sweet more than ever after doing this! So, my question is... how do these detoxes really work? In the end, aren't you just really starving yourself of actual food? I even missed being able to chew! How do people do this for even five days?! I think that's just ridiculous!

Share your thoughts with me! I'd love to hear them.



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